Gifts & pleasures

A gift is never expected, but always welcomed.

To share
to drink : kombucha, sparkling water, dry wine, champagne, local gin, whisky.
a sweet tooth : fruits, middle eastern pastries, lemon flavored desserts.
a salty tooth : nuts, cheese, oysters, sushi.

Hotels I’m eager to try in Montréal : Hotel Gault, Hotel Kutuma, Hotel Monville
Restaurants I’m eager to try in Montréal : Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Kamuy, Hélicoptère

Consult my wishlist here

Please, note that I’m trying to buy ethically and locally when possible.

In terms of giftcard :
lingerie : Le Petit Trou, anoeses, studio pia, agent provocateur
leather :
bustedbrand, mariemur
toys : bad dragon
clothes : simons, net-a-porter, boutique 1861
shoes :
bags :
jewelry :
darlingsofdenmark, cottedemaille
travelling : airbnb
philanthropy : stella, unist’ot’en
other : uber, etsy

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