I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys playing with more then one person. Is it something you would like to experiment? To repeat?

Here’s some of my favorite people to play with :

Vicky Lopez

Delicate and passionate, I absolutely love sharing a bed with Vicky. Petite, mature and kind, she can easily capture your mind and soul. As two proud bisexual women, we can’t keep our hands out of each other. Will you resist us?

Elizabeth Weisz (Ottawa)

Is there anything more attractive than intelligence paired with humility and an open mind? Meet my friend Elizabeth. A blonde and a redhead in your bed : can you really ask for more in life?

Julia Sky

I’ve started chatting on Twitter with Julia. I was charmed by her wit, her jokes and (of course!) her magnificent curvy body. Want to spend a moment with two lovely companion with glorious butts? We might be what you need.

Eva Sanchez

Once my roommate, Eva was my mentor coming in this industry. An incredible dancer, we were stripping together in Montreal and across the country. And have you heard about her kinky side? If you are looking for adventures, passion or travelling stories, we are an electric duo with a long establish complicity.

Laura Pernel

If I had a soulmate into this industry, that would be her. From New York to Montreal, our artsy souls vibrate together. Her hourglass body is absolutely bewitching. In bed, you can expect passion and devotion. Take a chance on us, will you?

Léonie St-Laurent

Looking for genuine fun? Something intuitive, laid-back and beautiful? I promise that being stuck between two big booty redhead will only make your day way better. Laughs guaranteed (and good sex too, obv).

Evelina Lowell

Romantic at heart? Evelina is a delightful person with the kindest heart. We met in 2019 and have been friends ever since. We share the gift of being good listeners and empaths. In bed, we promise a sensual experience that you won’t easily forget.

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