Hi, I’m Nora. I enjoy good food and animated conversations. Welcome to my rarely updated blog.
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It’s my birthday!

In case you are interested in spoiling me with a gift, I have collected here a few ideas – besides what’s on my Amazon wishlist (pssst : good for various budget!). I’ll remind myself to write a post (SOON!) about activities and sexy ideas that would be ideal to celebrate together. EDUCATION It will beContinue reading “It’s my birthday!”

February (already?)

Hello lovers, readers, admirers and lost souls, I love February. First, because it’s the last month of unbereable cold (we can debate about March). Second, it’s a short cold month. Of course, we can’t talk about February without mentioning Valentine’s day. Growing up as a goofy, awkward and proud braces wearer teenager never really preparedContinue reading “February (already?)”

Doux septembre à Montréal

Rentrée scolaire l’oblige, je prévois passer l’entièreté du mois de septembre à Montréal. Qui suis-je pour me plaindre, après tout? Septembre, c’est les dernières belles journées pour porter ma robe trop courte sans frissonner complètement. Septembre, c’est les dernières terrasses, les nouvelles rencontres, le soleil qui vient nous griller la peau pour quelques instants encore…Continue reading “Doux septembre à Montréal”

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