It’s my birthday!

In case you are interested in spoiling me with a gift, I have collected here a few ideas – besides what’s on my Amazon wishlist (pssst : good for various budget!). I’ll remind myself to write a post (SOON!) about activities and sexy ideas that would be ideal to celebrate together.


It will be (hopefully!) my last year in school full-time. School is one of my biggest expanses – and also a nonnegotiable one. If you’d be able to help me pay for my education, I would be extremely thankful.  I estimate that the total, with books and material, will be around 4k for this year. Any amount is helpful!


At the very top of my dream gift list, an inflatable paddle board. What do you want me to say… I’m a water person. I would love to be able to get around town on my paddle board. After all, Montreal is an island!

As I am pursuing my interest in yoga, I wouldn’t mind getting a new mat for hot yoga or a cute kit from Lululemon. If you want to subvention my training habits, I wouldn’t say no to a month of unlimited yoga or a private coach for a few session.


This category will be extremely random, but full of fabulous things that would make me happy. As a foodie, I would be extremely delighted to be gifted an air fryer to experiment with new recipe I’ve seen online.

As a fan of being relaxed (lol), I wouldn’t mind being taken, or gifted, a good spa session.

Candles, a fancy pen, local art and jewellery would also be warming my heart every time. Want to make my life easier? Uber Eats is one of my closest friend.

FINALLY: If you are able to contribute (or pay the whole thing- a girl can try) to my next photoshoot, that would be amazing. It means the world to me to have suitors supporting my business and my sucess in this industry. We could choose together some of my kits? I would simply be so happy if someone could help me creating images that reflect my world.


I’ve been gifted an extremely amazing bathing suit from God Save Queens and I would love to be able to get a dress from their boutique. I think their dresses would fit my body like a glove. Ideal to take me out before sinning in each other arms.

In terms of shoes, I’ll be extremely cliché. A pair of Louboutin would both make us look stunning in public. I have a pair in mind already from a collection of a few years ago. If you want to support my comfort, a new pair of Birkenstock would look amazing on my feets.

All my purses are gigantic. I need something small and that would look fabulous on my shoulder. I’ve spotted some cute models at Ogilvy but would not mind something local and ethically made.


I’ve been dreaming of a first Studio Pia kit for a while. Something with silk and embroidered. I feel that would compliment my soft and sensual energy perfectly. As I’ve shared earlier, I’m now also a huge fan of how GOD SAVE QUEENS looks on me and they have a few magnificent ensembles I would love to surprise you with.

In terms of toys, I would love a Womanizer with clitoral suction and stimulation. Something that will make me warm in the middle of winter. I’ve been also interested in getting a toy that is remotely controlled… for scientific reasons, of course.


Sharing is caring and if you can support financially some of the causes that are close to my heart, that would be amazing. I would love to donate to Black Healing Fund, an organisation that provide discretionary funding for the mental health and wellness of Black folks in Montreal. I would also like to support Stella, a SW lead organisation working to improve the quality of life and the working conditions for sex workers and educating the greater public on sex work.

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