February (already?)

Hello lovers, readers, admirers and lost souls,

I love February. First, because it’s the last month of unbereable cold (we can debate about March). Second, it’s a short cold month. Of course, we can’t talk about February without mentioning Valentine’s day. Growing up as a goofy, awkward and proud braces wearer teenager never really prepared me for this holiday. Of course, I became a loud young adult, feriously oppose to the commercialisation of love and of this very fake celebration of romating love, which is understood mostly as monogamous, heterosexual and codependant. I can’t say I’ve totally changed my mind about this. Still, getting closer to my 30s and developping nuanced opinions (thanks to my best buddy, prefrontal cortex) allows me to state loud and clear : I want to celebrate love. Not only on the 14th. Not only this month. I want to celebrate this very human capacity to bound. Our willingness to place ourselves (and our fragile, little hearts) in a vulnerable situation, and to do it with so much hope. Most of all, celebrate how love can be healing, transformative and a wonderful discovery of ourselves.

As I continue to navigate this industry, I can only be thankful of the fabulous people, clients and coworker, that I got to meet on the way. I’ve built fabulous relationships that I absolutely cherish. Seems like a good month to thank you all for this. Thank you for helping me grow into who I am today : an ambitious fighter with an open heart and mind.

I have a few ideas to share, in order to celebrate love and the opening of the restaurants and attractions in Montréal. In terms of restaurant, I’m thinking about Tiramisu, the only Italian-Japenese fusion spot one of the city’s newer eateries. Maybe Jatoba? A delicious upscale Asian place dowtown with a very laid-back vibe. Aren’t dinner date so lovely? Let’s go for a meal and another one in our bed after. In order to encourage dinner date bookings, I’m offering a promo for 2 hours intimate and 2 hours social for 800 if you mention my blog post.

If you are in the mood to do something more of the ordinary, I would love to be taken out for some skating, skiing or snowshoeing. If you are an artsy person, we might enjoy going to Imagine Monet together : an immersive exhibition that enhances the work of French painter Claude Monet, considered the father of Impressionism and the first immersive painter ever. As a big nerd, I also have to share my wish to be taken out on a date at the planetarium. I’m a very open person and I absolutely enjoy trying new kinds of hobbies and food : don’t hesitate to share your weird interst with me. This seems also like the perfect moment to remind you that I offer 25% to women, gender queer and trans folks (and let’s make it 50% off for fellow sex workers, why not?).

I’ll be offering companionship in Montréal most of February. I’m going to be touring Toronto and Ottawa from Feb 28 to March 5. Prebookings are open now and my Montréal rate will apply to everyone who books in advance. Finally, don’t forget to join my mailing list, if you haven’t already.

I’m sending you some frozen kisses. I’m really looking forward to reconecting and discovering my beautiful city with you.

Nora xoxo

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