“Oh darling, let’s be adventurers.”

Bienvenue, chéri. 

I’m Nora, welcome home. You might have notice me for my curves, but it’s my thirst for adventures and spontaneity that makes my lovers stay. 

I ooze freedom : you could call me a wanderer. I am guided by my easy going outlook on life and my curiosity, which knows no bound. Vivaciously witty, I’m a laid-back and open minded globe-trotter. I’ve studied and worked across the globe : I can’t imagine life without adventures. Can you? 

Delicious hedonist, I’m thirsty for discovering, tasting, laughing. You can find me drinking a beer around a camp fire in the most isolated corner of Eastern Quebec as I could cross your path at the new boutique hotel of Vieux Montreal. I have an optimist and confident view on life that makes me able to navigate different social settings (in Converse or Louboutin – but always with a lack of pretension). Skillful conversationalist, I particularly enjoy chatting about travels, politics, activism and cinema.

Connections are what I am seeking : light-hearted moments to confine in each others arms. I was told I had the capacity to put people at ease. 

I put a lot of value in creating blissful memories at every encounters, in being attentive and entirely present. I enjoy discovering people and learning from them. I’ve been able to grow so much as a person in this industry and I am grateful to be able to meet so many communicative and respectful folks. Could you be one of them ? 

Are you are looking for a spontaneous encounter with shared laughs? Interested in exploring a genuine physical and emotional connection? 

Here I am. Allow me to guide your body and mind into something memorable to both of us.

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